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Next Level Pool Deck Resurfacing in Scottsdale!

Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing is the leading pool deck contractor in Scottsdale, providing unparalleled skills and expertise to revitalize the appearance of your pool deck and restore it to its former glory.

Over time, your pool deck undergoes natural wear and tear due to constant exposure to the elements. However, you don't have to passively witness this decline. Contact us immediately, and let us breathe new life into your aging pool deck.
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How Can You Determine If Your Pool Deck Requires Resurfacing?

Understanding that pool deck improvements may be time-consuming and costly, pool owners often delay necessary repairs. As Scottsdale's premier pool deck resurfacing company, we specialize in efficient and effective project completion.

Continuous exposure to the elements can lead to material degradation on pool decks, accompanied by issues like structural cracks or fading paint that no longer reflects sunlight. Neglecting these problems may result in more significant and costly issues down the line. If you plan to sell your house, resurfacing your pool deck is a wise investment to maintain or potentially increase your home's value.


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Materials Used for Pool Deck Resurfacing

When it comes to selecting materials for your pool deck resurfacing project, Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing offers a range of carefully chosen options to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Our materials are low-maintenance and come in various colors and styles, making it easy to match your desired design. Here are some of our popular choices:


Known for their exceptional lifespan and resistance to rust and weathering from pool chemicals, pavers are a widely used for pool deck refinishing. They require minimal care and are easily repairable or replaceable if damaged.

Decorative Concrete

For those seeking a more natural appearance, stamped concrete is an excellent choice. Mimicking the look of real stone, stamped concrete offers a rustic aesthetic. Additional stains and hues can be added to enhance its realism and uniqueness.

Concrete Surfacing

Concrete overlays require less time and preparation for installation, providing a sleeker and more opulent appearance than other solutions. These overlays are installed on top of your existing concrete pool deck, delivering an instant cosmetic improvement reminiscent of marble.

Tile or Brick

Ideal for pool owners wanting a distinctive aesthetic, brick and tile are fantastic options. These materials are easy to install, cost-effective, require minimal maintenance, and offer a cool walking surface, even in intense sunlight.

Decking Kool

A longstanding favorite in the pool industry since the 1960s, Kool Decking is renowned for its appealing appearance and functionality. This material stays cool on hot days, providing additional traction when wet.

Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete offers an optimal balance between quality and affordability. Combining concrete's strength with the flexibility to simulate the look of pavers, flagstone, and wood using acid stains, it remains one of the best and most cost-effective pool deck resurfacing solutions.

How Are Pool Decks Installed in Scottsdale?

While the specific steps in pool deck resurfacing may vary based on the materials used, the process can be broken down into a few fundamental components. As the premier Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing company, we execute each step with precision and expertise.

Preparation and Repairs

Before applying the new surface, we address any cracks and damage to the existing concrete. This preparation ensures a secure bond between the new surface and the base, involving meticulous blasting and grinding.


Following a thorough pressure wash, we allow the concrete to dry before applying a primer. This step enhances adhesion and prepares the surface for the overlay.


The product is then mixed and expertly applied to the pool surface. The techniques employed vary based on the specific product, each with unique, specialized preparation and application instructions.

Textures and Designs

Utilizing specialized tools such as hand trowels, rakes, and stamps, we embellish the overlay with patterns and textures, providing a customized and visually appealing finish.

Seal and Cure

After allowing the surface to dry, a sealer is sprayed to enhance resistance to weathering and stains, ensuring long-term durability.

Resurfacing a pool deck is a comprehensive and labor-intensive process, but Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, the top choice for pool deck resurfacing in Scottsdale, can be trusted to successfully complete your project.

Pool Deck Upkeep and Maintenance

Proper upkeep is essential after your pool deck has been refinished. While our coatings are generally moisture and chemical-resistant, it's crucial to promptly clean up any spills using a non-abrasive commercial surface cleanser. If necessary, periodic maintenance with a power washer will help preserve the pristine condition of your resurfaced pool deck.

Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing - Your Destination for Exceptional Pool Deck Plans in Scottsdale

At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we offer an extensive array of colors, textures, and patterns to transform your pool deck into a masterpiece that aligns with your unique style preferences.


Our palette boasts an array of colors, allowing you to achieve any desired look. Whether you prefer subdued natural tones that seamlessly blend with your property and the surrounding environment or vibrant, eye-catching hues, we can create a bespoke color to complement your vision.


With our expertise, we can craft diverse forms, designs, and textures for your pool deck. The options are abundant and range from simple geometric patterns to intricate stamps that replicate the appearance of authentic stone, flagstone, wood, and more.

Once your chosen design is complete, consider exploring various toppings and coatings. From versatile acrylic coatings to sophisticated concrete overlays, the possibilities are plentiful. If you are uncertain or in need of guidance, feel free to contact us. Our team at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing is here to address any questions and provide expert advice to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool deck.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resurfacing Pool Decks in Scottsdale

Are you curious about rejuvenating your pool deck in Scottsdale? Explore some common queries about pool deck resurfacing:

Is resurfacing an existing pool deck possible?

Absolutely, as long as there's no severe structural damage to the pool deck. Resurfacing is a straightforward method to refresh the appearance when dealing with minor cracks and discoloration.

Which pool deck coating is the best?

Concrete is the ideal material for pool decks due to its high resilience. Unlike many other materials, concrete is durable, weatherproof, and easily repairable even if it sustains damage. It also requires minimal upkeep, resisting stains and wear caused by continuous exposure to the elements when applying a suitable sealer.

How much does it cost to resurface a pool deck?

The cost varies based on project scale, materials used, design complexity, and the condition of the existing concrete surface.

What if the current concrete has cracks?

Minor cracks can typically be patched, but significant ones may indicate serious structural damage requiring repair.

How much does the thickness of concrete increase with an overlay?

While the application quality and evenness play a role, adding an overlay generally increases thickness between a quarter and two inches.

How long do pool decks with new surfaces last?

A newly installed or refinished pool deck should last approximately a decade and sometimes up to 25 years.

Resurface a Pool Deck in Scottsdale

Ready to transform your pool deck in Scottsdale? Contact us at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing to commence your project with the premier pool deck contractor in Scottsdale today!


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