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Now, you can renovate your pool with several state-of-the-art finishes across Scottsdale, AZ. For most, a pool deck is a prestige item in any comfortable, affluent home. Even though your pool is one of the most valuable parts of your home, repairs are often overlooked. If you didn’t already know, pool maintenance is intricate. Any knowledgeable pool plastering contractor in Scottsdale will tell you that proper water chemistry is necessary to make your plaster last as long as possible.

Your pool is the one part of your home that is continually taking a beating from all the natural elements. Direct radiation from the sun, permanent moisture, and even progressive depletion of chlorine and other additives can gradually damage your pool’s structural integrity and finish.
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While rebuilding or remodeling your pool is expensive, it must be done to protect your investment. No matter how tempting to delay maintenance, it’s best to get it done as soon as possible. You should always include a maintenance schedule for your pool to preserve your investment.

Among all the tasks that usually need to be carried out on your pool, plastering needs the most attention. After some time, the plaster tends to crack with frequent temperature changes. While you may use some expensive water-resistant coating, it still has an expected lifespan. It is also one of your pool’s most visible parts, so be sure not to mistake it for something purely aesthetic.

Plaster is the only barrier that protects the concrete underneath. It effectively protects the surface against both structural and water damage that could arise.


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Signs and symptoms for pool plastering

Even though it’s covered by water hard to determine, we’re sure that you’re wondering by now if it’s time to call in an inspection team. The professionals at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing highly recommend that you call an inspection team if you notice any of the following:


Typically, plaster finishes have an average life of 7 to 10 years. If your pool is over a decade old, it’s time for a pool plastering session. With some applications, it may last even shorter intervals between replastering, so listen to the expected lifetime the installer gives.


More than often enough, stains are typically left alone. This is done with the common misconception that some pool cleaners will easily do the job. If your stains are caused by mineral deposits, not even a power washing can remove them.

These stains were more than likely caused by the hardness of the Arizona water. They are resilient deposits formed from manganese, copper, and iron. These are some of the hardest materials to clean off. They will damage your plaster if you use harsh chemicals and acid stain removers.

Bare Patches

These are much easier to spot than any stain. When you see bare patches in your pool, it is time to call in an inspector. After being inspected, a contractor will suggest that your pool be plastered.

While the structure of your pool may consist of gunite, shotcrete, and rebar, they should never become visible. Simply put, these materials are susceptible to oxygen and water damage. So, if your plaster has worn down, it must be redone to continue protecting them.

Rough Patches

These are usually hidden areas around corners where the surface has become gritty or rough. If you see these, you should prioritize re-plastering your pool since they can pose a danger to your safety. You don’t want to fall on these because they can be painful. These areas can easily encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and algae.

Decayed Appearance

If you didn’t already know, worn old plaster becomes dull and distasteful over time. It also tends to harbor pervasive stains and cracks that don’t project the surface’s true polished nature. While the structural integrity of your pool might not have been compromised yet, it may still need some work.

We have discussed some of the typical problems that arise with pool plaster. While some of these issues may seem minor, they can be hiding severe cracks within your water system. Each pool is unique and has its cultured history and ecosystem attached. At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we offer a detailed, customized solution for any problem.

Give us a call, and our estimators will schedule an inspection session. Then, after inspecting your pool, we will provide you with a quote. Our team has experienced and highly trained technicians who will find a solution for you. They will work hard to help you get the pool you want while staying within your budget.

Is it just plaster you offer? Learn what we can do for your pool!

As mentioned, plaster coatings protect the concrete underneath from direct radiation and water damage. While plaster is common, it is not the only option. Several materials offer the same type of protection for your pool while providing a different appearance. The following are the most requested resurfacing materials in Scottsdale, AZ:

Conventional Plaster

Conventional plaster is still the most commonly requested pool resurfacing material, and it also exists in older pools. It is cost-effective and extremely durable. When skillfully applied, plaster can last up to 10 years. One disadvantage is that it remains sensitive to stains and discoloring.

Pebble Finishes

Various brands offer a long-lasting blend that usually camouflages imperfections. It lasts even longer than other solutions and is commonly known as the marble finish. Pebble finishes not only look elegant and luxurious, but they last for 20 years if maintained properly.

Pebble Fina

Pebble Fina consists of a blend of cement and silica stone. It is an excellent midpoint between conventional plaster and branded pebble finishes. Pebble Fina is quite durable and resilient. Its elements create a beautiful shimmering color that looks like something from under the sea.


This is the perfect surface for those who prefer shiny or smooth surfaces. It is often the top choice, providing an exquisite, durable finish in several shades.

Quartz-And-Plaster Finishes

These are widely known as plaster-based quartz finishes. This was an ingenious way to improve traditional plaster. Calcium carbonate is added to give it that glimmering finish.

Custom Colors and Designs

Pool surfaces can be easily customized. They can also be integrated with your choice of décor and landscaping. You can change the color to anything you like if you’re going for the perfect customized look. You’ll even be able to create the perfect tropical oasis or the night sky right in your yard.

When you work with the professionals at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, you will get the best service for your pool and yourself. Our team is highly trained and fully insured. We work to ensure that you have true peace of mind.

At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we use the highest quality materials purchased directly from the manufacturers. This provides our customers lasting results, all at the most competitive prices. Call us for your resurfacing and inspection quote today!


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