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Next Level Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale!

Are you ready to transform your aging pool into a stunning oasis in Scottsdale? Look no further than Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, the premier pool remodeling contractor in Scottsdale. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the expertise and resources to turn your pool dreams into a reality.

At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we understand the significance of your pool as a place to unwind and create cherished memories with family and friends. Our mission is to elevate your pool experience to new heights.
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Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale

Turning your ordinary pool into a private outdoor haven is easier than you think. Whether you're looking to repair your pool or add exciting new features, our adept pool technicians specialize in swimming pool remodeling and repairs. They possess the knowledge and tools necessary to bring your dream pool to life.

We'll guide you through all your options and address any questions you may have, regardless of where you are in the planning process. When it comes to updating your pool in Scottsdale, the optimal choice is Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing.


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How to Determine if Your Pool Requires a Remodel

Over time, swimming pools can show signs of wear and tear that may be challenging for those outside the industry to identify. However, there are clear indicators to watch out for:

Cracks and Holes

Leaks and cracks are significant reasons to consider a pool remodel. If neglected, these issues can cause extensive damage to your pool's foundation and surrounding area. A comprehensive redo will prevent further costly damage and ensure your pool remains leak-free and resilient.

Outdated Plumbing, Pumps, Filters, and Equipment

Aging pipes, pumps, filters, and equipment provide another compelling reason to update your pool. These components are crucial for maintaining a clean and safe pool environment. If your pool is over ten years old, the technology may be outdated, making it prudent to replace these elements to ensure optimal functionality.

Signs that your equipment needs replacement include consistent dirtiness and loud buzzing, grinding, screeching, or unusual noises emanating from your pool. Trust Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing & Plastering to revitalize your pool and enhance its longevity.

Why Choose Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing for Your Pool Transformation?

Revamping your pool and integrating new technology brings many benefits, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Explore the advantages of choosing Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing for your pool remodeling needs:

Energy Cost Savings

Pool remodeling presents an excellent opportunity to reduce energy costs over time. Older pools tend to be less energy-efficient, but we exclusively utilize the most energy-efficient components with Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing. Ensure your remodeled pool is environmentally friendly while enjoying long-term energy-saving savings.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility

While a complete pool remodel may not be necessary for changing lights, it's worth considering for the safety of all users, especially young children. Faulty lights pose a risk, and addressing lighting issues during remodeling is ideal. Opt for state-of-the-art LED lights, known for their brightness and energy efficiency. You can even choose color-changing LEDs to add a captivating touch to your pool.

Modern Design Upgrade

Keep your pool in line with contemporary design trends by updating its aesthetic appeal. If your pool's design is outdated, a remodel can elevate its appearance, increase property value, and reduce energy consumption. Choose from modern features, from spas and hot tubs to grills and fire features, to customize your perfect pool.

Deck Restoration Expertise

If your pool deck shows signs of wear, including fading, wood rot, chemical spots, or mildew, consider upgrading it during remodeling. Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing boasts the skills to rejuvenate your pool deck, ensuring it looks appealing and addresses significant issues.

Size Enhancement

As your family and friends grow, your pool may feel cramped. Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, as the leading swimming pool makeover company in Scottsdale, can swiftly increase the size or depth of your pool. Create ample space for gatherings and ensure your pool accommodates everyone comfortably.

Choose Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing for a pool remodeling experience that combines expertise, energy efficiency, and modern design, transforming your pool into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment.

Our Comprehensive Pool Remodeling Services in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing is your premier choice for all your pool remodeling needs. As the leading pool remodeling company in the Scottsdale area, we offer a diverse range of renovation, restoration, and maintenance services. Here are some of the most sought-after services we provide:

Walls and Resurfacing

Over time, your pool's surface naturally wears down, losing appeal and becoming rough and difficult to walk on. Worn-out surfaces may also lead to cracks and breaks, which can pose potential damage. Opt for our efficient resurfacing services to enhance your pool's appearance, durability, and longevity.

Pool Deck Updates

A stunning pool deserves an equally impressive deck. If your pool deck faces cracks, weather damage, or wood rot, our professionals can remodel it and introduce exciting new features. Transform your pool, garden, and overall property with a refreshed deck.

Repairs and Replacements

Our high-quality retiling services ensure prompt and effective fixes for broken tiles, allowing you to resume enjoying your pool without delay. Trust us for comprehensive plumbing repairs or replacements, ensuring your pool's water systems are efficient, effective, and energy-conscious.

Lighting Installation

Illuminate your pool safely and efficiently with our lighting installation services. Whether you prefer LED lights for their brightness and energy efficiency or have specific lighting preferences, we can fix, replace, or install lighting systems tailored to your needs.

System Upgrades

Consider upgrading to a saltwater system for your pool, a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than traditional chlorine pools. Saltwater systems require less maintenance and are gentler on your skin, hair, and eyes.

Add-On Features

Enhance your pool experience with our luxurious add-ons, including:

Enchanting Water Features:

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your pool oasis with our captivating water features. Choose from an array of options, including elegant water walls and dynamic fountains, to add a touch of sophistication and visual allure to your pool environment.

Dynamic LED Lights:

Transform your pool into a dazzling spectacle with our bright, energy-efficient, and programmable LED lights. Create the perfect ambiance for every occasion, as these lights illuminate your pool and offer versatility with customizable colors and patterns.

Luxurious Spa and Hot Tub Integration:

Elevate your outdoor experience by seamlessly integrating a spa area or hot tub into your pool design. Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation as the soothing waters enhance the overall appeal of your outdoor oasis.

Custom Fire Pit Design:

Extend the joy of late summer nights by the pool with the warmth and radiance of a custom-designed fire pit. Our expertly crafted fire pits provide a cozy gathering spot, adding an element of comfort and style to your poolside retreat.

Natural Rock Installations:

Bring the beauty of nature to your pool area with our expertly customized rock features. These natural installations seamlessly blend with your surroundings, creating a harmonious and visually appealing environment for you to enjoy.

Whimsical Water Slides:

Add fun for all ages with our effortlessly installed water slides. If your pool meets the depth requirements, we can introduce playful water slides that bring joy and excitement to your pool experience.

Sun-Kissed Shallow Sun Shelves:

Create an idyllic sunbathing spot for your family with our shallow sun shelves. These family-friendly additions offer unobstructed views of the entire pool while providing a perfect space to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sun's warm embrace.

Dive into a world of possibilities with Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, where we turn your pool dreams into a reality with an exquisite array of enhancements designed to elevate your pool experience.

How Much Does Pool Remodeling Cost in Scottsdale?

Determining the cost of a pool remodeling project involves various factors, such as the pool size, necessary repairs, and the materials used in the transformation. Due to these variables, estimating the precise cost of a typical pool remodeling job can be challenging.

Each pool remodeling project is unique. Smaller projects that involve minimal changes may cost a few thousand dollars, while more extensive renovations with significant improvements can range up to $100,000.

To obtain an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs, contact Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing. We offer a complimentary consultation where we visit your Scottsdale residence, assess your pool, and provide a fair and precise quote for your planned renovation. Regardless of your goals, we strive to create a plan that aligns with your needs and stays within your budget.

The Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing Remodeling Process

The remodeling process varies based on your chosen enhancements. Whether you aim to enhance the pool alone or transform the entire area, Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing is your go-to company for all pool repair needs.

If you decide to modify your pool, the critical consideration is the material it's made of. With extensive experience working with various pool construction materials, we initiate renovations promptly after the inspection and quote.

Plaster and concrete are predominant materials for swimming pools; upgrading a pool is straightforward. We start by draining the pool, addressing any leaks or cracks in the base, sandblasting to remove old plaster, and applying a new, durable plaster coat.

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space

Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing goes beyond transforming just your pool; we can redefine your entire outdoor space. Elevate your backyard with a spectrum of pool and garden makeover services offered by our highly skilled team.

Contact us if you aspire to completely overhaul your pool in Scottsdale, creating a space that your family and friends will cherish. Our services include installing outdoor kitchens, grills, pool speakers, outdoor bars, hot tubs, fire pits, water features, patio spots, and much more.

Specializing in turning dreams into reality, Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing ensures you don't settle for anything less than your perfect paradise for your pool and garden.

Commercial Pool Remodeling Services in Scottsdale

At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we take pride in serving both residential and commercial clients in Scottsdale. Commercial pools, being larger and more intricate than residential ones, present unique challenges. Still, our highly skilled and qualified pool technicians bring a wealth of experience to maintaining and rebuilding them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Remodeling

Homeowners often have questions about pool remodeling; we're always ready to answer. Here are some of the most common inquiries we receive regarding pool updates:

How long does pool remodeling take?

The timeline for pool remodeling depends on the size and complexity of the project. Major repairs, upgrades, and new landscaping can take a few weeks to two months. On the other hand, smaller jobs can often be completed in just a few days.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

We offer quick, informative, free price quotes, consultations, and pool assessments. We can often send a pool technician to your Scottsdale residence on the same day you call. After the assessment and consultation, you'll receive a formal quote the very next day.

When is the best time to fix up your pool?

The optimal time to commence pool renovations is late fall or early winter. With the swimming season over, our repair crew can complete the job without disrupting pool use during the summer.

How do I take care of my newly remodeled pool?

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of your remodeled pool. Utilize our cleaning and care services to keep your pool in top condition. Additionally, we recommend covering your pool when not in use to protect it from weather-related damage.

Will the work on the pool endanger my yard?

Regardless of the project's size, we take extra precautions to manage, contain, and dispose of all debris generated during the remodeling process. We guarantee that your yard won't suffer damage from our equipment. After completion, we take the time to clean and pack up, leaving your space even tidier than before.

Do I need special paperwork or permits to change my pool?

Depending on the scope of the remodeling job, permits and paperwork may be necessary. We ensure you are informed about required permits and assist you in obtaining them, leveraging our extensive experience with local building codes and regulations.

Embark on Your Pool Remodeling Journey in Scottsdale

Ready to collaborate with the premier pool remodeling contractor in Scottsdale? Contact us at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing today to schedule your free consultation!


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