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Through craftsmanship and experience in the field of pool remodeling and resurfacing, Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing will make your dream pool a reality in Scottsdale, Arizona. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and our experience in the pool resurfacing industry equips us to deliver custom and long-lasting results you deserve.  

Pool refinishing and resurfacing does sound like an overwhelming experience, but in truth, it does not need to be. In all honesty, the cost does vary because not all pools are the same. Therefore, factors such as pool size, shape, design, and the finish used will affect the overall cost.   

Some pool owners believe they can resurface or refinish their pool by themselves. However, it is not wise to resurface a pool, especially if you have never done it before. Remember, fixing a mistake may end up costing you much more than hiring a professional contractor from the start. If, for example, you do a good job, the chances are that it will not appear quite as good as that of a professional. This is why it is wise to consider hiring an expert when it comes to pool resurfacing in Scottsdale.   

Our team of professionals is fully experienced when it comes to pools or spa-related work such as repairs, remodeling, and resurfacing. In other words, it does not matter if your pool needs to be re-tiled, new plumbing, updating pool energy-efficient equipment, re-plastered, or decking, Scottsdale pool resurfacing contractors are ready to help.   

Here Are The Steps Needed To Resurface Your Pool


As we prep your pool for draining, we’ll need access to the central pump system. We’ll then need to switch your system to the backwash or drain setting. If needed, we’ll use a submersible pump to remove the water from your pool.   

Our resurfacing process cannot begin until your pool is properly drained. During this process, we’ll direct the water to a location that doesn’t promote over-saturation, flooding or other issues that can occur. However, depending on the overall size of your pool, the draining process can take several hours.   


After the pool becomes completely dry, our team will begin scanning for structural damages. Some of these include blistering, crumbling, cracks and several others. If found, these tend to indicate serious issues with your plumbing or foundation. As we work on your pool, we usually cover the area with tarps to keep the entire area clean during sandblasting operations.   

When carrying out tasks such as composite finishes, plastering, and even fiberglass work, they need to be sandblasted. This is done to provide a better hold for new materials by chiseling away underlying concrete. Sandblasting easily etches the concretes surface and makes it easier for bonding to take place.   

Cement And Masonry Tiles  

High-end pools usually get their impressive finish from resurfaced materials. Resurfaced materials are those like quartz, pebble concrete, and even ceramic tiles. These materials usually have an extra lining that protects against stains, chemical damages, and even resists algae bloom.   

Our team of experienced professionals is versed in pool tile applications. They will be able to easily guide you on the tiles that best suit your needs since pools are always exposed to various chemicals, water, and natural elements. However, this part of the process takes up to three days while masonry work takes up to 48 hours.   

Inspecting The Plumbing  

As we continue working on your pool, we’re also going to conduct a thorough investigation of your plumbing and pump system. We’ll ensure that there are no faults within your systems such as leaks and others that may be hidden. Our engineers will also test the resiliency of the current PVC parts that make up your system. This aspect of our process usually takes an entire day to complete.   

Acid Wash And Applying The Pool Finish  

When masonry work is conducted on surfaces, they need to be etched with acid. This effectively removes hard minerals and chalky residue deposits that exist on the previous coating. Acid washing tends to open the pores up so that they can be penetrated with the new coating. This then creates a pretty secure cohesive bond.   

Acid washing is mainly done to remove scale, calcium, and stains from the corners and floor or your pool. After conducting an acid wash, the acid must then be neutralized with a soda ash alkaline solution. The concrete is then cleaned with a mixture of muriatic acid and water.   

Filling The Pool And Cleanup  

As we refill your pool, we’ll dedicate several hours to performing a final and thorough cleanup of the entire area. At the end of each workday, our team is geared to ensuring that no dirt or dust is left behind. Additionally, a final inspection of your entire system is conducted.   

Initial Water Treatment  

One of the most important steps in this entire process is ensuring that the initial water treatment is performed. This is done so that your pool can maintain the life of newly added material and its overall appearance for many years to come. After your pool is filled, several treatments are done so that the surface can be cured as thoroughly as possible.   

Within the first seven days of being refilled, close monitoring must be done. You can call in your regular pool maintenance service company to perform this step. We will also consult with him to ensure that everything is carried out successfully.   

However, if your maintenance personnel are not able to carry this out, our trained experts are more than happy to do so. At Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we take pride in our work and go the extra mile to make sure that you’re completely satisfied. We’re more than thrilled to conduct your initial water treatment procedure.  

Scottsdale, Arizona Pool Resurfacing Cost

The sad truth is that, without knowing all the details about the pool resurfacing, it will become virtually impossible to come up with an exact price estimation. Remember, plaster is the least costly option, but it also has a disadvantage of having the shortest service life. Do you know that pool refinishing does also increase property value? Depending on the pool option you want, the age of the pool, or correcting poor craftsmanship, the price will be affected. Furthermore, if you want a plumbing upgrade or replacement, this will affect the cost as well. To fully understand this, think of them as the transmission and engine of a 20-year-old car. With a 20-year-old car, doing a paint job and the interiors are all tremendous but wise to look at things that matter the most to prevent any surprises later.   

This is why we offer a free, on-site consultation, regardless of the kind of refinishing you are looking for. Our on-site consultation and price estimates are free, with no obligation.   

These are the 3 most popular finishes:

  • Pebble Aggregate – The finish is available in many options such as Hydrazzo, Bead Crete,  , and Pebble Tec.   
  • Diamond Brite – This is a blend of Aggregate and Quartz in the polymer-modified cement.   
  • Glass Tiles – This is the most popular option for many homeowners because of its durability and exceptional beauty.  

All these pool finishes are attractive and very easy to maintain. However, the Diamond Brite offers much more than the qualities mentioned. That is because it has been infused with attractive natural quartz crystals. It is one of the hardest and purest minerals in the world. The quartz aggregates are mixed with a polymer cement and a non-fading quartz crystal to create incredible color spectrums. Furthermore, the Diamond Brite is resistant to intense UV rays and harsh pool chemicals. In other words, it is resistant to etching and stain.   

Diamond Brite pools can be drained easily without worrying about damages, unlike it is with a plaster pool. The Diamond Brite is available in 17 different colors, which each reflecting the surroundings, sky, and water in a unique way.    

Glass tiles are known to offer incredible beauty to a swimming pool. They are available in many finishes, colors, and shapes, which also can add elegance and class to any pool. Out of all the finishes, glass tiles are the most durable. Because of this, they can be installed anywhere, like in the pool’s edges, steps, waterline, water walls, interior parts of the walls, sun shelf, and even the outer walls. They are a great option because of the way they reflect the movement of water and sunlight. Installation of glass times is a bit labor-intensive and time consuming, which is why they carry a high cost. Nevertheless, you will be happy with the overall results.  

When it comes to Pebble finish, the industry refers to it as an aggregate finish. A mistake people common make is, calling any pebble pool finish Pebble-Tec. Many people do this because Pebble-Tec is the most recognized brand because it was the first company to patent this specific procedure. However, just like it is with the quartz finishes, there are many manufacturers that make Pebble Aggregate finishes.  

Pebble resurfacing is much like a quartz finish, where small polished stones are added to the plaster mix containing regular plaster, which is then hand troweled into the gunite surface. Since they are primarily made from natural stones, all pebble finishes have mottled, or marbled appearance to an extent, and not two pools look the same. There are also exposed aggregate finishes that use large polished stones from river rock stones, rather than using small quartz gems or stones. The most popular brands are Pebble Tec and Crystal Stone. These brands give pools different looks compared to a quartz product.   

We only use the highest quality of finishes available on the market today. That is because it does not only enhance beauty but makes it reliable and durable for many years. As such, us to use the latest by Pebble Fina, Pebble Sheen, and Pebble Tec.   

Depending on your preferred color scheme, you have the option of choosing how you want everything to appear. If, for example, a colored Diamond Bite is used in a lighter shade, it can make the water in the pool appear aqua blue. Darker and medium colors will most definitely create a different effect. The installation of underwater lighting is another excellent way to enhance the appearance of a pool.   

What Is The Difference Between Pebble Sheen And Pebble Tec?

The Pebble Tec contains small river pebbles that are mixed with portland cement and dye. The best thing is that there are many color and style options to choose from. The color ranges from white to dark blue and even black. The Pebble Tec enhances elegance and class to a poll. Furthermore, it offers a lasting and dependable finish. They are natural and non-slipping because they are made of stones. Pebble Sheen only uses smaller pebbles of about 1-2 mm in diameter, which are fused in a highly polished and density sheen.    

Brief Pool Resurfacing Summary

The first step of pool refinishing or resurfacing is choosing the kind of concrete overlay to use. This is a decision we leave to the homeowner or the client. However, our job will be to give you inputs from a professional’s point of view. For example, a proper surface should not have a non-skid element and made of materials that will not react to chemicals commonly used in swimming pools. Additionally, it should be appealing, safe, and function, which all should be a priority.   

The existing deck and pool surface should be prepared well before the process of resurfacing begins. This includes cleaning very well so that divots or cracks can be exposed, which must be repaired using concrete resurfacing. If the cracks have gone through the concrete itself, a complete repair is needed. During resurfacing, a cover will be used to protect pool plumbing and other materials.    

The old plaster from the tile, drain, pool light, and inlet will not be removed because they allow the new finish to go on evenly. Any pool paint must be removed through sanding or water blasting. The whole process does take up a maximum of two days. A bond coat will be used to prep for the new plaster. This can take up to 4 days. After plastering, the pool is filled with clean water that has low mineral and metal content.   

Proper Pool Maintenance

It is essential to maintain your pool correctly. Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing is a company that is ta the top of the industry compared to all other competitors. Allow us to prove this to you. We offer services like:  

  • Refinishing and repairing fiberglass pools  
  • Tile repairs  
  • Pool deck sealing and resurfacing  
  • Overall pool resurfacing services  

It is paramount to maintain pool life equipment through regular pool maintenance procedures. That is because doing this often will help you save money on buying, replacing, or repairing pool equipment like a water pool pump. Regular maintenance will help keep away things like leaves and other dirt types from clogging the pool system, allowing everything to work as intended. Just like everything, cleaning is a basic form of maintaining any tool, product, room, and tools.  

Scottsdale pool resurfacing contractors serves Scottsdale and the Phoenix area. Our contractors are ready to come over and provide an on-site price estimate. Give us a call to get your free cost, material use, and time estimate today. While on-site, our estimator will provide you with the most accurate assessment of the work, material to be used, and even time. In other words, you will get an estimate of everything, not only cost.   

Remember, Consultation is FREE, with no OBLIGATION. Give us a call today; we are ready to help you. 

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