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Next Level Pool Equipment Installation in Scottsdale!

A swimming pool serves as a refreshing retreat, providing an ideal space to cool off and create lasting memories with family and friends. However, to ensure the longevity of your pool, it's crucial to keep it in top-notch condition.

While wear and tear are inevitable for all swimming pools, occasional repairs may not be sufficient. In some cases, the installation or replacement of specialized equipment becomes necessary to maintain optimal pool functionality. This is where our pool equipment installation services in Scottsdale prove invaluable.
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Essential components that contribute to the safety and cleanliness of your pool, such as lights, filters, pumps, timers, heaters, and pool cleaners, may undergo wear and require replacement over the years.

Fortunately, at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing, we have the expertise to address all your pool equipment needs. Whether it's an energy-efficient upgrade like installing LED lights, implementing a pool automation system to reduce your power bills, or routine maintenance such as replacing filters and pumps, our skilled team ensures the job is done right.

If you're contemplating a new installation or simply want to explore your options, give us a call. We'll arrange a free consultation, providing expert advice with no obligation attached. Trust us to enhance your pool experience through top-notch equipment installation and maintenance services in Scottsdale.


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Our Pool Equipment Installation Services in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing stands as the premier pool equipment installation company in Scottsdale, offering a comprehensive range of services for installing and replacing pool equipment.

We specialize in the installation and repair of various pool equipment, including cartridge, sand, and D.E. filters, water pumps, salt chlorinator systems, automated pool control systems, lights, valves, actuators, and pool vacuums.

Installation of New Pool Equipment in Scottsdale

As the foremost company in Scottsdale for installing pool equipment, we are dedicated to providing and fitting only the best equipment for your home pool. Utilizing products from reputable brands like Pentair, Hayward, and Sta-Rite ensures that your pool remains in top shape for years.

Investing in new pool equipment improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption and maintenance time. Products such as smart pumps, cartridge filters, and remote control units can save time and money. Regardless of your chosen equipment, our experienced Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing team has the skills and knowledge to complete the job efficiently.

Pool Gear Replacement

In addition to installing new pool equipment, we offer various replacement services to extend the lifespan of your pool.

Sets of Pool Equipment

Upgrading your pool's circulation, filtering, and heating systems with advanced equipment sets enhances cleanliness, reduces energy bills, and improves the overall pool experience. Whether opting for a full or partial change, you can easily find the best choice for your needs.

Water Pump Installation

Installing water pumps with variable speeds and low energy consumption is an effective way to save money. Incorporating an automatic controller or a smart pump can further increase efficiency.

Filter Replacement

Upgrading old filters to newer cartridges or D.E. filters improves water quality and reduces energy consumption.

Space Heaters

Replacing an old water heater with a newer, energy-efficient model ensures warm water while significantly reducing energy usage. It's essential to choose a heater that suits the size and shape of your pool.

Automation Systems

Automating timers, lights, filter pumps, heaters, and other crucial components enhances pool efficiency, cleanliness, and safety.

Saltwater Systems

Saltwater systems, increasingly popular in modern pools, offer a chemical-free and healthier alternative to chlorine pools. Even if you already have a pool, adding this system can enhance your swimming experience.

Pool Cleaners

A pool vacuum or cleaner is essential for maintaining a clean pool surface. Replacing a malfunctioning cleaner ensures a clear and inviting pool.

Install Pool Equipment in Scottsdale

Ready to embark on pool equipment installation in Scottsdale? Contact our team at Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing & Plastering to schedule your consultation and receive a free quote today!


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